DC Ammeter


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Digital Panel Meter are using to read measured values of DC . The DC Digital Panel Meter come in 5 standard sizes 24x48, 24x96, 48x96, 96x96, 72x144 mm. The DC DPM's are designed for industrial applications which require precise and onsite adjustment for display ranges . The meters are displaying values on Seven segments . the special features of this device are : - with 3.5 , 4.5 Digit DPM - display range - with LED display - easy mounting Bornika is the exclusive agent of Zeigler in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Digital Panel Ammeter/Voltmeter .

Measured Quantity
DC Voltage / Current
Measurement Range Direct Voltage
0-1000V DC 0-200mA DC
Range selection by
Positioning DIP switches / Jumpers at the back
< 0.2% + 1D < 0.1% + 1D
IP20 (on request IP54)
Display type
Bright RED seven segment LED
Display Count
1999 , 19999
Dielectric test voltage
DC voltage version : 1kV AC voltage version : 2kV