Two phase power switching supply PS2 - 2405



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PS2 - 2405


Two phase switch- made power supply (SMPS) is used to produce electrical energy for one or more demanding loads. This equipment produced energy with high efficiency and low loss power. the output voltage of two power switching supply, type PS2 - 2405 is 24 volt dc , the output current is 5 A ,and it can be supplied with both dc voltage and ac voltage. Two phase switch- made power supply type PS2 - 2405 has power boost and short circuit protection capability. In addition, this switching power supply has a relay to monitor the output voltage. Power boost feature allows the use of a smaller size instead big size units to power demanding loads such as motors, solenoid valves, lamps and other loads which needs high power sources. short circuit protection : - Manual Reset - Hiccup mode - Continuous mode the efficiency of the PS2 - 2405 model is up to 91% and the power is from 96 w to 120 w. Bornika has the exclusive agent of Ziegler in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products and switching power supplies in different voltage and power ranges.

Input voltage range
187 V -264 V (230 V ac) 330 V - 550 V (400-500 V ac)
Nominal input voltage
230 V ac- 400 V ac - 500 Vac 467 V dc - 780 V dc
96 w ... 120 w
55 X 110 X 105mm
Frequency Range
47 Hz to 63 Hz
Output Current
5 A
Short circuit current
12 A
Approximate Weight
0.5 kg
rated insulation voltage
3000 Vac
Nominal input current
1 A (230 v ac) - 0.5 A (400 v ac) - 0.4 A (500 v ac)
Number of phases