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Isolating amplifier Ziegler TV808 , finds its applications for isolation, amplification and conversion of DC signals .The DC signal isolator serves to electrically isolate the analog DC signal in the range from 0(4)-20mA which , depending on version, is then converted to a current signal 0(4)-20mA or voltage signal 0(2)-10V. the special features of this device are : - With one or two types of input and output - DC Current , Voltage Output - Glass filled polycarbonate Bornika is the exclusive agent of Zeigler in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including DC Transducers & Transmitters .

Measured Quantity
DC current & voltage
Measuring principle
DC signal isolation
Nominal input
DC current : 0...0.1 to 0...40mA
Output quantity
DC current or DC voltage
Output range
current : 0-20mA , 4-20mA , ±20mA voltage : 0-10V , 2-10V , ±10V
Input & Output available
1input-1output 1input-2output 2input-2output
Response time
IP40 (Terminals IP20)